Oscar Night, Heroism and Lone Survivor

This Sunday night, the stirring Afghanistan-based war film “Lone Survivor” is up for two Oscars for Best Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing.  In this filmmaker’s opinion, the golden statuettes deservedly go to this moving, honorable film.  More importantly, though, is that over the next few weeks, most of America’s movie-plexes […]

“The Monuments Men” Not So Monumental (But Fun)

In the pantheon of World War II films of the non-bloodbath kind, there are some standards like “Kelly’s Heroes” (1970), “The Dirty Dozen” (1967) and “Where Eagles Dare” (1968).  Two of those flicks star the squinty, gravelly-voiced Clint Eastwood and the other one stars former Marine Drill Instructor Lee Marvin and a great cast of […]

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“Philomena”: A Journey of Forgiveness

“Philomena” is a complicated film that challenges audiences on so many levels that it can be hard to tell exactly what the screenwriter and director wanted to achieve with their work.  The film story of Philomena Lee (played by the always wonderful Dame Judi Dench) is “inspired by true events,” meaning not everyone you see […]

“Dragon Day” Asks… What if?

There are films that have great messages that must be seen in order for a necessary public discussion to be had.  Unfortunately, most of these films have been made in the past and they were made by filmmakers and studios who were in it for the art AND the commerce.  Especially, U.S. commerce.  Today, some […]

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“Generation Iron” Review: Inside Muscle

In the pantheon of great body-building documentaries, there are the seminal film “Pumping Iron” and the seminal film “Pumping Iron.”  As a matter of fact, there have been very few documentaries covering the subject of bodybuilding since Arnold Schwarzenegger became a star in that documentary.  Well, Vlad Yudin’s new documentary “Generation Iron” may not launch […]

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Review: “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” an Epic to Remember

This year’s Best Actor Academy Award race just got a lot more interesting.  Idris Alba’s performance as Nelson Mandela is so good that audience may forget that some guys named Morgan Freeman and Sidney Poitier also played the South African anti-apartheid icon. Spanning Mandela’s life from his young childhood in rural South Africa to his ascendency […]

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Film Review: “Black Nativity” – A Christmas Gift With Urban Grit

The first Christmas film of the year may be one geared towards African American audiences, but “Black Nativity” really is for everyone.  In this musical holiday film, Jennifer Hudson’s singing and acting have never seemed more beautiful and natural as she simply steals every scene.  Starring Forest Whitaker as Reverend Cornell Cobbs, “Black Nativity” gives […]

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DVD Review: “King’s Faith”

   “King’s Faith” is an independent, Christian-themed film that will surprise audiences with its redemptive storyline, gritty characterization and quality acting.  Brendan King (played by Crawford Wilson), released from juvenile jail after being convicted on drug charges and aging out of the foster care system, lands in a small suburban town.  Fortunately for Brendan, he is […]

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Film Review: Weekend Of A Champion

“Weekend of a Champion” is a new documentary film with a vintage documentary film embedded inside.  Essentially, it is a restoration of the original 1972 documentary “Weekend Of A Champion” with a new interview between subject Jackie Stewart and Director Roman Polanski attached on the end.  It would be really easy to dismiss this film […]

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Movie Review – “Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story”

Imagine tying your shoes with just one hand.  How about driving your car with only that hand?  Or doing just about everything else in your life with only your right-hand, when you were actually born left-handed?  It would be tough to even get close to just what life is like for a 6’ 9” high […]

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