About the Author

Jennifer Williams is an accomplished writer, interviewer and critical reviewer having written about or covered many subjects of interests.  Having graduated from Tulane University, La Salle University and New York University, Jennifer’s career background in Politics and Civic Affairs, Public Relations, Marketing, Non-Profit Management and Filmmaking have helped inspire much of his past artistic and creative efforts.  Jennifer directed and co-produced the documentary feature film, FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN.  Her latest film, REBEL SONG, looks at a middle-aged American Celtic Rock band and the music inspired by the Irish Republican Army (IRA).  REBEL SONG is expected to be released in 2014.

In addition to The Williams View, Jennifer is also the Entertainment and Politics Editor for Politisite, a Contributing Writer for Townhall, Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, Liberatchik and Hip Hop Republican.  Jennifer has been interviewed or profiled across many Media outlets such as the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, Kansas City Star, L.A. Weekly; TV Shows such as Current TV’s THE WAR ROOM WITH JENNIFER GRANHOLM, Christian Broadcasting Network’s THE BRODY FILES, HUFFINGTON POST LIVE, and Al Jazeera’s INSIDE STORY, BET News; and radio programs ranging from National Public Radio, VOICE OF RUSSIA – AMERICAN EDITION, the MARK DAVIS RADIO SHOW, the BOB GRANT SHOW, VICTORIA TAFT SHOW, to the MICHAEL ERIC DYSON SHOW and many others.


Jennifer has also interviewed the following people for various articles and film  projects.

Kirk Cameron – Actor/Filmmaker
Stephen Baldwin – Actor/Producer
Crystal Wright – Writer/Political & Media Strategist
Ken Blackwell – former Ohio Secretary of State
Kevin James – Mayoral Candidate/Radio Host
Alphonso Aguilar – Executive Director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles
Andrew Malcolm – Writer/Editor
Janine Turner – Actress/Radio Host/Writer
Bruce Boxleitner – Actor/Producer
Drew Waters – Actor/Producer
Vlad Yudin – Film Director
Franklin Martin – Film Director
Galley Molina – Director/Producer
Bob Wheelock – TV News Executive Producer
Jimmy LaSalvia – former Chairman of GOProud
Douglas McGrath – Film Director/Producer
Meghan McCain – Blogger/Author/TV Host & Personality
Al Cardenas – Chairman of American Conservative Union
Marc Hyden – Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty
Chris Stigall – Radio Host
Dr. Cornel West – Professor/Author/Radio Host
Mitt Romney – Presidential Candidate
Michael Steele – Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Tavis Smiley – Radio & TV Host/Author/Media Commentator
Christine Todd Whitman – Former Governor of New Jersey
Mike Huckabee – Presidential Candidate and TV Host
Edward W. Brooke – Former U.S. Senator & Book Author
Jim Gilmore – Presidential Candidate
Michael Eric Dyson – Professor/Author/Media Commentator
Ken Mehlman – Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Newt Gingrich – Former Speaker of the House & Presidential Candidate
Grover Norquist – Chairman of Americans For Tax Reform
Soledad O’Brien – TV News Journalist
Dick Gregory – Comedian/Political Commentator
Ray Nagin – former Mayor of New Orleans
Michael Medved – Radio Host/ Film Critic